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StackOS is an open protocol that allows individuals to collectively offer a decentralized cloud where you can deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain privatenets and mainnet nodes.

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We provide a seamless, anonymous experience for blockchain developers by providing a complete Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) suite tailored to your individual needs.

Protocol functionalities

StackOS comes with a multitude of functionalities that can help you or your business in anonymous and quick blockchain development.

Deploy applications

Deploy any application on the decentralized cloud. Resources on the cloud can be reserved by staking.

Decentralized cloud

Individuals and enterprises can earn by contributing compute resources to the StackOS' decentralized cloud.

Private Ethereum testnet

Users can run their own private testnet to test their DApps privately. We support multiple blockchain protocols!

In-built CI/CD platform

Community members deploy the StackOS' platform to run their CI/CD pipelines in their private infrastructure.

Earn by providing utility

Deployed applications and open-source contributions will be incentivized via StackOS' tokenomics.

Stake tokens

Access services by staking the tokens towards the applications deployed on the StackOS protocol.

We support docker images

This makes StackOS the most flexible and easily adoptable blockchain technology on the market.

STACK tokens

Developers are incentivized to create docker images of applications which enhance the STACK token's utility.

Powered by a DAO

The DAO manages and incentivizes development of the protocol and supporting applications.

Stake for computing resources

You can stake your STACK tokens, Ethereum, NEO and Gas for your claim on Memory, CPU, Disk Space and Bandwidth on the StackOS' decentralized cloud.

As the resources are consumed on the network, the locked in cryptos are shared amongst the StackOS' nodes that are running the network.

Develop your app in any language

Applications in StackOS are deployed as a stateful container using docker images. The ability to use all existing and publicly available docker images, and its support for any programming language makes StackOS the most easy to use technology in the blockchain space.

Teams can also deploy private testnets of Ethereum, NEO and others popular blockchains to privately test their DApps.

Deploy to managed infrastructure

StackOS offloads the management of the compute infrastructure and allows users to make their application highly available and scalable.

StackOS natively provides managed DevOps experience. StackOS' Virtual Machine easily integrates with your CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Gitlab and Github to provide a one click deploy of your applications to the StackOS' cloud.

Earn with deployed apps

Applications deployed on StackOS can leverage the staking protocol to earn newly minted STACK tokens. As your application gains traction and increases the utility of the STACK tokens, you will benefit from your app's adoption. Both, developers who create application images for the community to deploy, as well as the developers who run the application, will benefit. Developing on StackOS is like building a life long asset.

Earn by contributing your compute resources

Community members who are excited to run their nodes can contribute their compute resources to StackOS’ cloud. As your resources get consumed by the applications deployed on StackOS, you as node owners will receive payments in STACK tokens, Ethereum, NEO and GAS.

Multiple deployment options

Team and project advisors

StackOS is created by a community of developers around the world, living in USA, Europe, South Korea and India.

Vishnu Korde

CEO and Chief Architect

Karthik Ghantasala

Chief Infrastructure Officer

Jinendra Khobare

Chief Technology Officer

Ashwin Yardi

Principal Blockchain Engineer

Bhavya Mehta

Lead Engineer

Steve Park

Marketing Lead

Fabio Canesin

Strategic Advisor and Investor

Nathaniel Walpole

Design Advisor and Investor
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